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The cutting edge of Progressive Metal

Metal UK

Am I allowed to write one word reviews? Well, if I was, the word would be ‘wow’! Because this is quite outstanding.

It’s progressive metal, with touches of fusion and spacerock, all wrapped into an incredibly accomplished package, offset with some highly schizophrenic vocals.

The band say ‘Linear Sphere is a unique blend of open-minded musicians and music lovers, who marry together a diverse range of musical styles. Progressive music in the true sense of the term. Influences from metal, jazz, fusion and funk are all apparent. The dark lyrical themes are supported by an unorthodox approach to harmony and ever shifting rhythms and time signatures.’ Which is spot on.

Musically, the band are incredibly good, especially the rhythm section, a unit that too often goes unsung in the more technical genres . The songs are also well constructed, acting not just as springboards into instrumental manna, but as actual, proper, melodic songs.

They set their stall out right from the off with an eleven minute epic, “Reversal”, but the best is saved for last with the 4 part “From Space To Time”, where they take every nuance served up in the preceding 6 tracks and double it.

There is a dark and brooding edge to their music which gets extra brownie points for me, stirring the intellect as it does. Awesome. The best British album of the year so far.

Stuart A Hamilton

Metal UK

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