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The cutting edge of Progressive Metal



“In a year that’s already seen some incredible progressive metal albums come out, Manvantara is one serious contender for album of the year.”

Prog Metal Zone


If you like your metal in the progressive mould then this is going to be for you. I also have I’ve no hesitation in recommending this album to guitar fans too as Martin Goulding is one of the best metal players in the UK right now.

Laurie Monk The Truth In Shredding


“Put everything together, and the true music lover can only come to the conclusion that this is one of those rare albums we keep looking out for, and therefore more than deserves a place on my personal “Best Albums of 2012” list.”

Tony Holemans   www.concreteweb.be


“This is a masterclass in top-notch progressive musicianship”

Andy McDonald Terrorizer


“It is rare for an album of this nature to provide such a joyous listening experience, but Manvantara is superb from start to finish. An absolute must for fans of genuinely progressive metal.”

Matt Spall Powerplay


“Manvantara offers up aggressive, complex material, couched in superb songwriting, dense but uncluttered arrangements, bolstered by a vital and compelling vocal performance. Linear Sphere exudes veracity from every note and word.”

Jan Mikael Harm.us


“For me, this band is mostly about hypertechnical, hyperprogressive, and hypertalented musicianship. In fact, the beginning of the first song, Origin, sounds like a wild fusion affair that is influxed with more than a hint of technical metal, but wow, excellent musicians here. What an opener.”

MJ Brady Proggnosis


“In case you can’t tell from my review, I’m quite smitten with MANVANTARA, and let me tell you that this release has forced me to think that LINEAR SPHERE are amongst the top Progressive Metal acts going around at the moment. Fans of any type of progressive music, and those who enjoy a meaty concept will love this album.”

ZeeZee Myglobalmind

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