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The cutting edge of Progressive Metal


Track Listing -

1. Origin
2. Manvantara
3. Cycle of Ages
4. Inner Flame
5. Reset Realign
6. The Dawning

Released: 2012

Run Time: 45 mins


From the impact and cult success of the 2004 debut album Reality Dysfunction, by April 2005 another album blueprint was forming as Martin and Charlie continued their writing with three new tracks, and with Nick Lowczowski, also a unique and experienced writer, contributing two tracks, a five track preproduction demo was sketched out, in what would become a concept album with a story starting in ancient Atlantis, with mankind’s journey traced from the golden ages of enlightenment with man living in accordance with nature and the law of one, to an age of exploitation, greed, corruption and decline, with mankind infiltrated and guided by dark and ancient otherworldly forces hidden outside of his perception!

Over the course of around a year, with the band in rehearsal and writing sessions less frequent, the material would undergo redevelopment and refinement and in March 2006, another preproduction demo was produced, although the music had evolved into a different interpretation of the original ideas over the course of the year. With the writing momentum broken by busy professional schedules outside of the band, the pace slowed and a difference in musical vision arose as to how to develop the music to its conclusion. As the band concentrated on live performance, playing shows in London including supports for U.K progressive metal band Tomera, and U.S tech-metal legends Cynic, progress for the new album would remain static.

By late summer 2007, Linear Sphere was unable to move forwards due to differences in musical direction within the writing team, with the lyrical concepts and approach from the original blueprint seemingly incompatible with the newly evolved and modified musical arrangements. After some months of frustration trying unsuccessfully to make the new arrangements work, the band ground to a halt with Charlie Griffiths leaving in order to pursue other directions. Sharing a long musical history and friendship with Martin and Nick, which continues to this day, Charlie left on friendly terms going on to join U.K progressive rock band Haken.

With the music fragmented and unfinished the band took some time off to reflect and in the summer of 2009, a decision was made to go back to the original 2005 blueprint which had excited the band so much, and redevelop the music staying closely to the original ideas and atmosphere. With Martin   having to re-write from scratch, the original files heavily modified and in disarray, but with the belief that this album was destined to be a masterpiece and the sorrow of seeing it all disintegrate, Martin worked relentlessly to rebuild the original arrangements which still needed further development. Working closely with the band, by January 2010 the complete finished preproduction blueprint with final guitars was presented with an additional track Inner Flame written by Martin. Drum recording sessions with Nick Lowczowski commenced from March 2010 at Hardbeat Studio in Wembley U.K, a studio owned by John Papas, a good friend of Martin’s.

With Martin engineering and producing, by summer 2011 and after over a year of recording sessions, the album was ready to take to the mixing stage and from September to December 2011, Martin and John mixed Linear Sphere’s second album Manvantara at Hardbeat Studio, with the final mixes sent  to renowned mastering engineer Alan Douches at WWSM in New York.

With bespoke artwork by Ashley Christudason at Jungle Eye, and a progressive-metal-fusion concept album of epic proportions, Linear Sphere are very pleased to announce the release of Manvantara, available from our webstore as a CD complete with 12 page booklet, and available digitally through ReverbNation, iTunes and Amazon from summer 2012.


Concept/ Lyrical Synopsis


The concept is based on mankind’s journey through the ages, from the birth of modern man up to our present era, and is set within the timeline of the Hindu Yugas (Age/Era). There are four Yugas to a cycle:

Krita Yuga (golden age of enlightenment)
Treta Yuga (age of vice)
Dvapara Yuga (age of deceit)
Kali Yuga (age of darkness)

One complete cycle of these four Yugas makes a Mahayuga and 71 Mahayugas makes up a Manvantara. In our concept, the word Manvantara means “end of a great cycle,” which concludes on 21/12/2012.

The four Yugas are like seasons that start from the enlightened times of the Krita Yuga, gradually declining and moving away from the spiritual source age by age, until the disconnection, chaos and destruction of the  final Kali Yuga era. History then repeats itself in the next cycle.  Our story mainly refers to the Krita Yuga age, where mankind was in a high vibrational state, to the lower vibrational state of darkness, corruption and decadence brought about by the Kali Yuga period.

In our story, the dark Kali Yuga period is an age in which the earthly dimension is susceptible to the forces and influences of lower vibrational dark entities. Originating from the depths of the cosmos, the olden ones, or fallen angels are an advanced, highly intelligent, emotionally devoid reptilian race capable of inter-dimensional travel. Tricking the earth scientists of Atlantis into opening a porthole, they are able to manifest on earth in any form. With their true reptilian nature hidden from man, they gain control by infiltrating all central positions of power, covertly manipulating and expanding their dark tyrannical empire.

With dark rituals on sacred energy vortex points, mind control programmes and a system of conditioning to shut down man’s higher conscious awareness, the reptilian race directs civilisation through an age of greed, immorality, decadence and decline. Towards the end of the Kali Yuga era, there is chaos and destruction as man fights against his own, the spiritual connection to the earth lost.

The Kali Yuga era saw Lemuria destroyed by a cosmic impact after civilisation had become corrupted by the spell of the reptilian race. In the coming ages, mankind recovers his divine connection in Atlantis, and again as Kali Yuga dawns in the second Mahayuga, humanity once more succumbs to the influences of the dark empire as the fallen angels re-establish their power on earth, and again mankind suffers the same fate as in Lemurian times, with Atlantis hit by a cosmic impact and submerged under the ocean.

The new era, from the resettling into Egypt and the start of the new Mahayuga, has seen the same pattern of reconnection of man to his divine source, and then his consequent decline with the reappearance of the reptilians. We are now in the end days of the Kali Yuga, and the sacred date of 21/12/2012 marks the end of many great cycles. The enlightening energies of the new Krita Yuga era are starting to awaken mankind as the earth moves into a new cosmic alignment. The shadow kingdom of the fallen angels will disintegrate as we move beyond their reach, into the higher vibrational reality of a new golden age.

Track 1: Origin

Set in the pre-ancient “Golden Age” of Lemuria, genetic experiments to combine the DNA of native earth man with an allied ancient cosmic race are successful and ensure the survival of the species, giving birth to modern man. This new breed of 5 races is guided towards peace and knowledge by spiritual masters, living in accordance with nature and the law of one. Civilisation rises and advanced technology is developed with crystal powered energy and a knowledge of the earth’s energy lines and vortex points, which are regarded as sacred places.

Civilisation flourishes in four great centres, Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu and Mieyhun, but with man’s high intelligence and underdeveloped empathy, the boundaries of scientific exploration start to act against nature, and with the onset of a more materialistic way of life, man loses connection to his divine source and falls into an age of corruption, decadence and decline. This is the start of the Kali Yuga period, which is an age of great evil, and with the connection between Earth and man lost, Lemuria is destroyed by a cosmic impact. Atlantis is spared and as the earth recovers from the cataclysm, a new golden age arises in far more volatile conditions than were previously known, with the earth in a state of imbalance. Over aeons, the ancient lands gradually break up, leaving man struggling to survive. The experiments and technological advances continue throughout this end time period, with the Atlantean masters dabbling with energies without realising the consequences of their actions. A porthole is opened to the lower vibrational demonic realms, and the previously banished fallen angels are able to manifest on earth, guiding and influencing the Atlantean masters in their bizarre genetic experiments. Interbreeding with humans to establish and expand their gene pool, the demonic offspring of this dark race of fallen angels seize power over mankind through a ruling elite. Atlantis, once a thriving civilisation, becomes a terror empire based on manipulation, lies and bloodshed under the control of the reptilian forces of the shadow kingdom.

Track 2: Manvantara

Here we further explore the themes set up in the first track, with the adept Atlantean masters tricked into opening the gateway to the shadow kingdom, releasing the banished fallen angels on earth. This dark reptilian race infiltrates mankind, shapeshifting into human form, and rises to power through the ruling elite.

The true nature of this race of fallen angels remains unseen to man, and as they move into positions of power, a new dark age of greed, corruption and immorality takes hold. Through their ritualistic manipulations of energy at sacred vortex sites, the fallen angels seek to disconnect man from his higher conscious awareness and his connection to the divine source of creation.

The age of the Kali Yuga is a time of constant war and conflict between the peoples of Atlantis, a era of social, political, moral and spiritual decline. Under the influence of the dark empire, the Atlantean masters act without ethical boundaries, tampering with forces beyond their control and with unknown consequences. With the dark Atlantean empire severely out of balance and acting against the laws of nature, the end times of the Kali Yuga come as history repeats itself and a second cosmic impact drags Atlantis to the bottom of the sea. A period of chaos reigns, with the Earth settling into a new cosmic position, a time of cataclysm and realignment. This marks the end of the Kali Yuga era, an age of darkness for mankind.

Track 3: Cycle of Ages


And so, the dark end times of the Kali Yuga came to pass, an age in which mankind’s spiritual connection to the source of creation had become long forgotten. Technological advancements had brought unparalleled prosperity to Atlantis, an obsession for material wealth stripping the earth of its natural resources and a population deeply corrupted by the unseen forces of the shadow kingdom.

And as the spirit of our sacred earth cried out in pain from an age of exploitation, a comet responded from the depths of the cosmos, sent by the forces of karma, a cataclysm that would see Atlantis crash beneath the waves. The second moon, shattered in a misguided attempt to avert the impact using energies far beyond man’s comprehension, a whole civilisation wiped from the face of the earth.

And so, an empire unequalled in its achievements was destroyed by the consequences of its own actions and the earth was left to heal its wounds. The powerful enlightening energies of the incoming Krita Yuga would soon be dawning, with mankind awakened to a new age of wisdom.

Track 3: Cycle of Ages

In this track, the Kali Yuga has completed its cycle of darkness, with the earth left in chaos. Within the Atlantean empire there are still factions of masters who follow the ancient Law of One, acting alongside nature and in tune with the Earth. These communities oppose the practices of the dark empire. Able to foresee the destruction of Atlantis, they have relocated to safer lands to preserve the ancient knowledge of man’s divine origin. As the earth undergoes a long period of change, mankind is forced to adapt in order to survive, navigating the cataclysmic age by relocating to more stable areas.

With the new era of the Krita Yuga dawning, and the Earth settling into a positive alignment, nature finds its balance and the higher vibrational energies of the earth are disconnected from the lower realms of the shadow kingdom. The Atlantean masters guide the surviving inhabitants to wisdom, and with the re-emergence of the ancient spirituality of the Law of One, mankind again flourishes.

Egypt becomes the new global centre, and civilisation prospers again under the Law of One, mankind rebuilding and recovering from the cataclysm. The Earth enters another golden age, with advances in technology used for good, and with respect for natural laws.

The masters of light (priesthood of the Law of One) transcend the earthly plane, leaving man to his destiny, and as the incoming cycle of the Kali Yuga dawns once again, the earth’s vibrational field lowers to allow the re-emergence of the fallen angels. A new shadow kingdom evolves with secret orders manipulating and assuming positions of power. Again, man is divided and ruled by an elite caste, and the former Atlantean dark age of war, corruption, materialism and greed returns. This alien, reptilian race controls events from behind the scenes, manifesting through sacrificial blood rituals and possession rites. Mankind falls victim once more to the spell of the shadow kingdom as it re-establishes itself on earth

Track 4: Inner Flame

Even in the darkest times on Earth, under the covert reign of the shadow kingdom, there were groups and communities within civilisation that safeguarded the ancient knowledge of man’s divine origin. The history of the golden ages would be preserved within the stories, mythology, poetry and art through the generations. Within this dark society, there were still those that lived in accordance with nature, developing their connection with the Earth and higher conscious awareness, acting for the good of humanity and embodying the virtues of the ancient Law of One. These positive groups of teachers, scientists and masters used their technology for peace, leading by example, and trying to re-awaken the spiritually dormant masses, who had become hypnotised by the evil ways of the shadow kingdom. This track conveys the dream of a return to peace on earth, free from the influences of the dark empire and with man realising his higher connection.

Track 5: Reset Realign

This track moves forwards to the present day era, where the Kali Yuga is reaching the end of its low vibrational cycle, in an era of degradation and decline. From ancient Egypt to our current era, the shadow kingdom has reigned on earth behind the scenes, its shape-shifting reptilian/human minions infiltrating the highest positions of power, orchestrating wars and creating division amongst mankind, a whole civilisation corrupted by the evil spell of the fallen angels.

With the move into the age of Aquarius, a new cosmic alignment increases the Earth’s vibrational field, and the power of the shadow kingdom starts to diminish. With its dark servants on earth cut off from their lower vibrational spiritual source, the dark spell over mankind starts to weaken, with an increase in awareness amongst the masses.

Mankind is awakening from his hypnotised dream state, and is starting to question the dark reality that he finds himself part of. It is a time when there is growing suspicion of the decision makers and rulers of the lands, and as one financial, political or social disaster follows another, greed and corruption come into view, and a reality based on manipulation, lies and greed can be clearly seen.

With the sacred date set for 21/12/2012, the fallen angels will be banished again from the earthly dimension, as the new higher vibrational rate and enlightening energies of Aquarius take mankind into a new higher dimension far beyond their reach. The shadow kingdom on Earth starts to fall as the masses re-awaken to their ancient spiritual connection, and the “thought transmissions” of the the olden ones from within the mindset of mankind start to lose their power.

Track 6: The Dawning

Set in the modern day era, we are approaching the end days of the dark Kali Yuga cycle, with a society disillusioned and in advanced stages of social, political and spiritual breakdown. Born into the dark system, mankind’s potential has become suppressed and conditioned towards passivity and away from wisdom and knowledge.
Driven by the corporations of the shadow kingdom, a culture of addiction and distraction has kept the masses under control, ignorant and disconnected from their higher conscious awareness.

From the sacred date, the earth is set to realign to a new cosmic position, and as the enlightening energies of the Krita Yuga dawn on mankind, the shadow kingdom will disintegrate.The fallen angels will once again be banished as earth moves beyond their frequency. Mankind will emerge from the chaos of this transition, with a new perception free from the influences of the lower vibrational dimensions, a time of reconnection to his divine source and new spiritual identity.

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